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To be a sign and wonder in life means, to be a success and and a God-fearing person to people and folks around you. You become a sign and a wonder in life when the impossibilities become drastically possible, by knowing that what’s inside you will change what’s outside you if and only if you put your faith to work, or you ensure the can-do facts and policies in you.
You become a sign and a wonder or victor in life when you accept the word of God to live in you. The word stays in your heart and grows, and yields productively because you receive it into your spirit with genuine happiness and love. At the end, what’s inside you will automatically come out and will surely be seen by all. Allow God to arise in you, for all your enemies to be scattered

WALK BY FAITH AND NOT BY SIGHT: Your physical eyes simply weren’t created to work in the spiritual world but the physical. This means that you surely must have another to work in the spiritual. God in his gigantic wisdom, knowing what you need, did not leave you hopeless and spiritually blind but has giving you another form of vision to see into the spiritual world. This is known as the gift of FAITH. To experience the Christian life in its fullness, then you need to put this gift of faith to work fully. 2 Corinthians 5:7 of the New International Version of the Bible says, ‘We live by faith, not by sight’. Walking by faith not by sight means living to believe the word of the Lord, though we are in the physical. God’s word is true, and He wants us to believe it with all our hearts and minds without any tad [bit] of doubt. You walk by sight when you reflect on what you see or have seen only without regarding the unseen. Romans 1:17 reveals how God puts people right with Himself: it is through faith from beginning to end. As the scripture says, “The person who is put right with God through faith shall live.” Faith is the substance of things hoped for {Hebrews 11:1}. Moreover, the dictionary explains faith to be a belief with strong conviction; firm belief in something for which there may be no tangible proof. However, living/walking by faith sets you on track to success and winning. It is always right to live a faithful life. God called Abraham His friend because of his faithfulness; He will call you His best friend, if you have faith also in Him. Thereafter, He will make you shine amongst others.

WALK IN THE DIVINE SENSATION: As a Christian, you need to pay close attention to the Spirit that lives in you which is the divine Holy Spirit. By walking in the Spirit, we increasingly experience intimacy with God and enjoy all He has for us. When walking with the spirit, He directs your paths and gives you instructions which will move you the right way. However, it takes one with spiritual eyes [faith] and a clear one for that matter to experience the amazing power of the Holy Spirit, and to believe his companionship with him. Ask God to open your ears in the Spirit that you might hear and understand the voice of the Holy Spirit. There are more and many times that we hear the silent but clear voice of God through His Spirit and yet we all the time neglect them which at the end causes us to sin. At any time we disobey God, we on the other hand tend to obey the Devil. The Holy Spirit in us is grieved any time we sinfully fail Him. He loves us and does not want us to go far from Him because He was sent to us that we might not get lost on the way to God. When you walk in the sensation of God, it is likely your ways may seem awkward in the sight of the world, but before God, it’s about you obeying his word and living it well. So what happens after obeying your father’s instructions? Surely, He will grant you your needs. And that’s exactly what God will do for you after walking with Him and obeying His word; He will bless you with signs and wonders and will finally make you shine.

STAY IN LOVE AND MAINTAIN IT: Loving is a wonderful thing and it does not take enough effort to love the right person. It’s so easy to establish love but too difficult to maintain it. Love is a complete attribute of God, and His love is eternal. This is why man ought also to love one another. A person who loves is always happy and generous as well; all this automatically sets you on the road to success. Establish love, unity and a cordial relationship with people and neighbors. Remember, love does not hate or envy, but produces peace, joy and happiness. It is very important to maintain your love with someone. God’s love for us never fades, despite the continual wrongs of humankind; rather His love for us is maintained and made stronger every day.

AIM AT SUCCESS AND WINNING: There is only one thing every person, especially dedicated Christians, must learn to know and understand and this one thing is that God has a divine purpose of success for mankind. As a believer, you should be aiming at winning at all times, why, because it’s part of God’s plans for your life. He wishes that you will prosper in all things and never be a failure. Success, even though God has made you a winner, never comes to those who disregard it but to those whose heart always burns for it; I mean those who yearn for it and have a special desire for it. Many people wish they become successful whereas they don’t even focus on it. They however accept every bit of thing they experience in their lives, be it good or bad, normal or abnormal. There is a statement that says, “Whatever a man conceives in his mind, so is he”. If you really want to win, you will win with eagerness. In all your life, aim at success and winning, in other words, you must desire to excel at all cost. If you want to be successful, you will need to expect it. Think about good health, prosperity, favor and anything which the spirit of God produces [Fruit of the Spirit]. Your level of faith will also determine your rate of success in life. The higher your faith, the higher will be the rate of your progress. Don’t let your spirit pave way for self-defeating words like ‘I can’t’, ‘I am not capable’, and the like to bring you down. Think of nothing but to win and to live right for God, because the life you lead will determine where you are going.

FORGET THE PAST AND NEVER DWELL ON THEM: What is past is past, and it can never be brought back to life. You must let bygones be bygones and let your past go with all that it holds – good or bad. If you think of what you couldn’t achieve yesterday to the extent of forgetting about the opportunity that today brings, you may end up missing every single blessing prepared for your life. For you to have success, this is what you need to do: be focus on what today has for you and what tomorrow will do for you, but not what yesterday couldn’t offer you. Thinking about the past loss and failure and forgetting today’s opportunity will only make you empty. This is because it will take away your happiness and joy from you and as well cause you to regret. If your mind is occupied with the things of the past, you will lack the ability to see into the future and to live today rightly. Only try to live your life rightly today and make sure you achieve your task or target for the day; by so doing you end up living every single day of your life the best way because dwelling on the past will ruin your life entirely and drag you away from your opportunities. The past has nothing to offer you but to provoke and discourage you from attaining your dream. We should not stand on the past to judge the future, but focus on tomorrow by living every today right.

BE POSITIVE IN ALL THINGS: Being positive is one of the most powerful instruments of success. Daily, be positive about every situation in your life. These positive thought will heal you and make your wishes come true. Declare positive and encouraging words for yourself. Speak positive, know you can, and will make it, because you must. The mind [your mind] has an absolute force and convincing power to change your life positively. However, it is either you choose to be in the driver’s seat or in the passenger’s seat of your life. In the driver’s seat, you control your life with how you think. Remember the notable saying, “A man is a product of his thought”. It is however necessary therefore to always stand for the right and make good choices at any specific moment where you are given an opportunity to choose.
The moment you start to emerge as a great person, you become a sign to people and family as well. They tend to ask lots of questions about you, not understanding your sudden sprout of success, and that’s what makes you a wonder. The very day you were born again, you were born into a life of total and continuous excellence, a life of complete extravagant grace and a tremendous victorious life.
In any way you find yourself, let the belief of life’s ups and downs vanish in your mind. As you go through all these steps, the glory of the Lord will begin to shine on you and you will enjoy success “on the wings of signs and wonders.

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Ronny is a young dynamic servant of God in HAMEO. He is constantly growing higher and higher for more productivity to God.

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